Our Story

Our mission is to create durable boxer shorts with fun prints without compromising on fit, quality and ethical production. Most brands these days purposely make goods which are meant to fall apart after a few years. We want to create boxer shorts that are fashionable, but made from materials that are durable. We call our mission 'Sustainable Fashion'.

In other words, True Boxers aims to be an apparel label that enables you to have sustainable but still fashionable boxer shorts. We’ve spent the past year vigorously researching properly certified cotton suppliers with the same mindset as us, and manufacturers with fair working conditions.

After a long journey we found our perfect match, our supplier in Spain and our manufacturer in Portugal - both are committed to the integrity of their staff. It’s been our goal to only use certified poplin cotton as well as environmentally friendly dye. This ensures that your pair of boxers is made of the softest, most comfortable and sustainable fabric possible.

Want to learn more about how we started? Watch our Kickstarter video and see how we have developed!

Help us eliminate fast fashion & move towards sustainable fair fashion. We believe that creativity and confidence leads individuals to generate true sustainable changes in this world. With our product we want to set a new benchmark for men’s underwear.